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United Nations Poplulation Fund (UNFPA) has partnered with Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan(NYKS) to implement a program with adolescents by creating spaces/processes where they can build their capacities and take leadership and responsibility. As part of this, 1860 Teen Clubs have been established in five UNFPA priority states of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha and Rajasthan with the overall objective of ensuring a healthy and safe growing up process for adolescents primarily in out-of-school settings.

Created by PRAVAH in consultation with UNFPA,NYKS and state level NGO partners, PrayaSapna is a curriculum that seeks to help Teen Clubs. The vision of the curriculum is to enable the teen clubs become empowering spaces that nurture and inspire adolescents to identify and fulfill their aspirations for a happy and healthy life. PrayaSapna is play on words ‘ Spana (Dream) and Apna (Self) ’ indication that ‘Prayas Apna’i.e. individual/collective efforts are significant as the Sapna.

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