From Me To We

From Me to We (FMTW) is focused on inspiring adolescents to take up active leadership in areas of social change. To assist the youth do this, we at Pravah help create learning and life skills programs which we conduct in cooperation with the schools and teachers under the 'Pravah 'From Me to We' Conflict-Positive Curriculum'. Personal interaction and facilitation are a key components of our processes. Learning ought to be fun and it happens best when the learner takes responsibility for it. Therefore, theatre, games, simulation exercises, stories, case studies are a core component in our 42 hour school curriculum. We currently reach out to 3500 adolescents in over 30 schools, mainly in and around Delhi , Rajasthan, Gujarat and Karnataka.


Every module, topic or day in our workshop would contain elements of all of these key messages.

(I) The Self to Society Module

Guides and encourages a young persons understanding of self in relation ot the world around them through an inward look and an understanding of their relation to the wolrd around them. An individual is encouraged to grow in to the roles of a responsible brother, sister, friend, lover and neighbour, that will extend naturally into responsible citizenship. Social issues are put into the correct perspective -no right way is emphasized but skills and processes of arriving at your own stances are elaborated. Natural principles of going beyond stereotypes, appreciating diversity and practising tolerance are internalised through games, role plays and exercises.

(II) The Conflict Positive Process Module

We believe conflict is a positive process. Our interventions enable young people to recognize different dimensions of conflict in personal as well as social spheres and to deal with them positively.

(III) Citizenship and Voluntary action

The final phase of all our interventions focuses on developing in young minds an understanding of citizenship issues & constitutional rights. This is done by engaging young people in social action through projects and campaigns and thus working on issues of diversity, homelessness, peace, disarmament, poverty & sustainable development, gender, stereotyping and equality.

How will the program work in your school?

  • Three facilitators, who are trained in creative programs on life skills and social responsibility, work with adolescents of IX or X standard.
  • A staff member needs to be appointed to coordinate with and support the facilitator.
  • You would be required to provide infra-structural resources and conveyance expenses for the program.


We encourage students to develop an Action Project where they can put their learnings into actions. To know about some of these initiatives click here. The following are a few examples of student-led projects supported by Pravah:

*Students collected 1500 petitions from public places in order to support the GreenPeace campaign to reduce global warming Ban the Bulb

*A campaign to save the trees being cut in Delhi HCBS project and finally meeting with the Chief Minister, Shiela Dixit.


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