Seeds of Change: A collection of experiences and stories penned down by educators. This publication was published for "Schools as Nurseries for Peace- A Conference organized by Pravah in collaboration with Bluebells School International.

Teacher's Training

In Teacher's Training we believe that educators’ can play a very important role in creating socially responsible citizens. Our learnings of the last three years’ has reinforced our belief that that there is a need to enable and support teachers’ to make connections between education and the social reality of learners as well as the teachers themselves.

Further the professional development of a teacher has to be linked intrinsically to the teacher as a person in the socio economic context he/she lives in. This will enable teachers to move beyond the frameworks imposed by the education system and transform themselves into educators beyond boundaries. We support these through the teachers training initiatives and the Educators Collective.


We train teachers, for a period of one year, to design and conduct a life skills program with students from classes VIII to XII. The training is conducted through modules on self and adolescents, managing conflicts positively and on instruction design and facilitation. The 50-hour introductory workshop will take place over 6 full days. Approximately 30 hours is required with students, either in the form of weekly or fortnightly sessions or 5 full day workshops. Initially a facilitator from Pravah will accompany the teachers during the sessions.

The goal is to build a nucleus of teachers who would run the program independently. The school based resource center would involve not only students and teachers but also school authorities school authorities and parents as partners in the process of tapping the immense potential of youth. For this we can facilitate setting up a Teachers Learning Center (TLC) on life skills and citizenship education in your school.

The activities of the resource center will be: Learning sessions for teachers in areas like reflective practices, assessment of students, classroom management, communication skills and democratic classrooms. Projects on active citizenship in areas like social sciences and language teaching. Exposure trips, which help learning and sharing innovations as well as to widen perspective on education.

The criterion for selecting the school would be as follows:

  1. The school has had a relationship with Pravah through the teacher training initiative.
  2. The school has access and is willing to engage and share intensively with 2-3 other schools in the locality, catering to students of diverse socio-economic backgrounds.
  3. The school is willing to commit physical space and other necessary infrastructure.

We are currently hosting a Teachers Resource Centre at Bluebells school, New Delhi.

Educators' Collective

The Collective is a network of school teachers, educators, and teacher trainers, who are working for social transformation through the agency of the youth. Most educators who have been through our teachers' program are included in this Collective. It creates support and facilitates professional development through shared and experience based learning.

A Teachers Platform for self-transformation, leadership, and community building for meaningful change in the classroom, school and the community is also a part of the Collective.

Some suggested activities for the collective are: Action groups
Thematic Workshop
Research Fellowships
Publication and newsletter
Learning Fellowships


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