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About Curious Me

Keeping in line with the vision of the National Policy of Education, 1986 and the National Curriculum Framework, both of which stresses on the need for inculcating scientific temperament and developing higher order thinking skills among students, the Curious Me programme was conceptualized. The curriculum is designed to garner a space for curiosity and encourage the art of questioning. The intervention was run in two schools in Delhi-NCR, namely SR.DAV Public School, Dayanand Vihar and Indirapuram Public School, Nyaya Khand, Indirapuram with grade 8 students.

Objectives of the Intervention

  • Understand and articulate the values, attitudes and behaviors behind scientific temperament.
  • Articulate and demonstrate enhanced shifts in competencies like research, data analysis, root cause diagnostic and collaborative solutioning for building scientific temperament.
  • Articulate& demonstrate principles of systems thinking & interpretation of stories.
  • Demonstrating empathy with the world and others and improved learnability through enhanced learning styles, learning from our own mistakes & experience; ability to ask the right questions.


With the existing context of working with adolescents, Pravah proposed a series of workshops with students and the educators. The focus was on building scientific temperament by enhancing the life competency aspects through their science and language curriculum. As part of the intervention to build scientific temperament we worked on aspects of creative & critical thinking, decision making abilities, and inter-personal relationship skills, understanding society and systems, and authentically interpreting stories around them with a scientific perspective. The intervention  included a 4 day rigorous foundational workshop with adolescents followed by a series of ½ day workshops or 1 to 2 classroom periods which were designed to  deep dive into understanding concepts discussed in the foundational workshop. The sessions were designed in reference with the current Science and English curriculum, to help them closely relate to the in-classroom education. Real examples were built into the discussions from the study topics for the students to build their scientific temperament.

A critical element of any intervention with students was working with their educators as they work closely with the students through the curriculum. Therefore, as a part of this intervention, a series of teachers’ workshop were conducted to bring them into perspective and help in building a greater sense of transference and application of knowledge through these workshops.


250 students and 17 educators were part of the journey and 18 Action projects were successfully run in their respective schools.  A diverse theme of action projects were picked up by students who engaged with them and aimed at initiating change in their schools. Issues ranged from energy conservation in the school to bullying , from waste management to improving the range of books in the library, from bus safety to discipline, among others.

Culmination Event

Curiasa, 2016 is a celebration of this journey and relationship, where students from both the schools come together and share their insights and learning with each other through various change stories and stall presentation. It is a space where educators and students come together to exchange their opinions and unravel the challenges they faced while initiating change. It is a culmination to this beautiful learning journey and also a scope for exploring further learning.

It was successfully held on the 22nd of April in Indirapuram Institute of Higher Studies, Indirapuram.


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