In building its Streaming program, Pravah has initiated partnerships with a number of  organizations and worked with them intensively to co-create youthcentric processes within those organizational spaces. Some of Pravah's Streaming partners are:

Thought shop Foundation (TF) – established in 1993 – and run by professionals whose expertise is in social communication. Their experience with young people was in the areas of adolescent reproductive health and gender. What they brought to the table was their knowledge of Kolkata and local areas, their relationships with young people who had leadership potential, and excellent skills in designing and producing resources.   Pravah, on the other hand, was the catalyst for the Youth Resource Centres (YRCs). The idea of a YRC model emerged from TF’s engagement with Pravah.   TF then translated it into action by adapting it to the local context. Thereafter, Pravah’s interventions included inputs in developing the overall YRC strategy, curriculum development, exposure to youth development processes, and training in the conflict positive framework, instructional design and facilitation. The result of the partnership is a model for setting up YRCs - four YRCs have been set up with a total of 54 members, equipped with resources and run by youth trainers. 


Patang was founded relatively recently by a former Pravah team member who was familiar with Pravah’s processes and approach to youth development.   They have adapted Pravah’s school and college programs to their context. Pravah’s role was to build the leadership of the team, facilitate organizational development processes and put critical organizational systems in place. Today, Patang is designing and implementing successful programs in collaboration not only with Pravah but other partners as well. One of these new partnerships includes designing and facilitating sessions at the MSW course in Sambalpur University.   These partnerships illustrate the credibility Patang has gained over the years in Orissa. It is now gradually developing into a regional resource centre which will impact many more lives and organizations in the region.
SAHER was positioned even earlier on the organizational curve – a start up, in every sense. Even though it had started as a local youth group in 1997, it was registered as an organization only in 2003 and comprised a team of volunteers who organized sporadic events to bring people of different communities together and promote communal harmony. SAHER was part of the Change Looms program in 2006, and one of the Pravah team members facilitated intensive organisational change processes with them following the Change Looms development centre. Pravah’s mentoring helped SAHER conceptualize and design its college program, Parwaaz. Pravah also provided several exposure and training opportunities to the SAHER team so that they could develop their skills and understanding of youth development. At an institutional level, Pravah facilitated the SAHER team to explore what they were doing in Jogeshwari, why they were doing it, what their strengths and areas of improvement were and how they could achieve their objectives. A large part of the “how” concerned staffing, roles and building capacities of the team in facilitation and conflict positive. Today, SAHER has not only expanded its program to a second college, but also launched an adolescent program and a community centre in Jogeshwari. Moreover, it has facilitated similar team building processes with Magic Bus, an NGO building life skills in youth through sports.


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