Pravah Jaipur Initiative- Jaipur, Rajasthan

Established in 2008, Pravah Jaipur Initiative is the Rajasthan branch of Pravah . PJI works through 5th space principles with young people across schools and colleges by focussing on building life capacities for inside-out leadership. It has a strong youth volunteer base who come together every year to celebrate peace, harmony and active citizenship through the youth festival, Jumbish. To know more see

Bosco Institute- Jorhat, Assam

Bosco Institute is a Don Bosco Institution, following the educational philosophy and approach of Don Bosco, renowned educator of youth. Established in 2008, it caters to the higher education needs of the region, especially in the human service and social development sectors. The Institute aims at grooming young people into confident, competent and passionate harbingers of positive change at the individual, community and at the larger societal levels. It is achieved through an educative process which focuses on the transformation of the person through a combination of inputs, personalized interactions and guided engagement with and reflection upon existential realities. Learn more at

Farm2Food Foundation- Assam

Is a non-profit social enterprise that builds partnerships with communities, providing the training and tools for taking up sustainable, farm based livelihoods. By engaging in farm and food entrepreneurship, individuals and households become self-dependent, and children who have enough nutritious food to eat attend school more, and perform better. By selling the products that they create (such as vermi-compost), farm-preneurs are able to generate income, and eventually invest in education and nutrition in their communities. Further by practicing sustainable organic farming techniques, the environment around these communities benefits, enabling future generations to thrive. Learn more at

ComMutiny- The Youth Collective- New Delhi

Community- The Youth Collective (CYC) is Pravah’s leading campaigns and advocacy partner, setup by founding member Ashraf Patel and Arjun Shekhar. It is an association of over 40 youth led and youth engaging organizations across India working towards promoting empowering 5th spaces for youth leadership. The collective focusses on designing and implementing exciting national campaigns to strengthen youth work and use media to amplify youth voices and youth issues on communal harmony, constitutional literacy, sustainable development goals, gender based violence, youth development, social entrepreneurship etc. Learn more at

Rubaroo – Hyderabad, Telengana

It was set up in 2013 as an incubation of Pravah by Neha Swain and  Monisha Vemavarapu former team members and changeloomers from Pravah. . Rubaroo aims to build spaces where school and college going young adults are nudged to explore and link their academic learning with realities around them. Rubaroo’s vision is  to create an inclusive, just, and equitable world where individuals transcend boundaries through a genuine engagement with the self and the society. It works with  the mission of creating a platform, that is a safe and inclusive space for young people to access opportunities of learning and self-development. Learn more about them at

People for Change – Jharkhand

People for Change is a youth led and run non-profit organisation in India that works with children and young people in Jharkhand. We work towards empowering youth and providing platforms to enable them to explore, understand and express themselves and also their communities and begin the journey from self to society through citizenship action. Learn more at

Sauhard – Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Sauhard is a registered, Ahmedabad based non-profit organization working with young people on issues of Peace and Harmony through media and performing arts like theatre. Sauhard believes that there is certainly a need to give young people grounding in values of social justice, pluralism and secularism through democratic dialogue even as they youthfully explore religion, culture and their multiple identities. Learn more at

Prantakatha – Kolkata, West Bengal

It was formed in 2006,  Prantakatha also means “stories from the margins” and it provides a platform to young people from Kolkata and North 24 Parganas to deliberate, discuss and engage with social justice issues of the region. Since its association as a Changelooms organization, Prantakatha has grown steadily in size and depth in terms of its intervention and engagement with diverse youth in Bengal (college students, youth from urban slums, from red light areas, queer population, religious minorities ). Learn more at

Diksha Foundation – Bihar

Was started with the goal to provide quality education to children who come from socially and economically disenfranchised communities. Since 2010, their movement has been towards creating vibrant and democratic learning spaces for children who most need them. They believe that children are the most vulnerable members of their communities and their neglect has led to the many crises that they face today. They see education as a powerful tool to change regressive and apathetic attitudes towards gender, environmental degradation, caste biases, etc. and create awareness on social issues amongst the communities we are a part of. Learn more at

Yeh Ek Soch Foundation – Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

It is a youth led organization and has been working with a vision of a society in which young people are informed, empowered, encouraged and supported to participate in marginalized community and for a society where every young person is engaged in powerful, purposeful and positive social change. YES sees itself as a change agent, willing to generate hope in the minds of young people who have concrete ideas and really want to bring change but are not able to realize their ideas and dreams into reality due to economic, social and political constraints.  Learn more at

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