Meet the Changeloomers

Changeloomers are young people who are passionate about transforming their local communities through sustained social enterprises and grassroots action projects. These young people cut across diversities of class, caste, region, sexuality, disability, religion and language so that we are able to support a variety of unique youth centric issues across the country. Over the years they have worked on different issues such as education, human rights, gender, environment, sexuality, social inclusion etc. To know more about the changeloomers.

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About the Programme

Changelooms encourages, recognizes, and supports young social entrepreneurs to achieve their potential to lead social change initiatives. This yearlong programme provides Changeloomers from across the country with opportunities for intensive learning, networking, mentorship, visibility and fund-raising. This journey is envisaged as one that would explore the construction of identities – others as well as of the self, positively deal with conflicts, become more system aware and learn how to mobilize, inspire others and amplify their impact. To see what the journey looks like

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Why Changelooms

Over the last decade, social entrepreneurship in India has seen exponential growth, with an increasing number of passionate, young people starting up NGOs and businesses which provide out-of-the-box approaches to improve the lives of the country’s 400 million poor. Social entrepreneurs, by virtue of being an integral part of communities, are uniquely positioned to bring about financial, social and psychological inclusion; with the capacity to create contextualized solutions to the local challenges. However, social pressures, limited access to resources both financial and non financial, as well as lack of avenues to develop their skills are some of the many challenges that young social change-makers face.

National Footprints

Over the years the Changelooms community of social entrepreneurs has grown by leaps across the country. In partnership with ComMutiny-The Youth Collective and the collective members we have supported Changeloomers across NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, West Bengal, Telengana, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Bihar, Jharkhand, Kashmir, Punjab, Orissa, Mizoram, Kerela. To know more about the Collective national presence

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Youth Centric Consortium

While a number of social entrepreneurship programs exist in the country, there are many roadblocks to it being adopted as a mainstream option by youth. Working for social change is not considered an option because career opportunities in the mainstream are more inviting and less risky. Social pressures, limited access to resources, both financial and non-financial, as well as lack of avenues to develop their capacities are some of the many challenges that young social changemakers face. To reap the benefit of youth social entrepreneurship at scale it is imperative that we create a cross-sectoral platform – a Youth Centric Consortium comprising like hearted social capital investors committed to co-building and nurturing empowered Social Entrepreneurs.  Pravah, ComMutiny-The Youth Collective and UNFPA have come together in partnership to support  this consortium, which will include mentors, youth led and youth centric organisations, policy makers/influencers and investors (corporates, Trusts and Foundations, UN agencies, Commonwealth Youth Workers Association (CYWA), Government and High Networth Individuals).