Treasure Chest

Our journey over the years has led to the creation of a learning bounty we call the treasure chest – This section includes our consolidated learning over the years in the form of resources such as books, manuals, curricula, publications and media.

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OCEAN IN A DROP,written by Pravah and CYC members Ashraf Patel, Meenu Venkateswaran, Arjun Shekhar and Kamini Prakash, explores how young people have contributed significantly to society.

SEEDS OF CHANGE, is a collection of write-ups by teachers who have been part of Pravah’s Teachers Training programme.

TALKING VOLUNTEERISM, a qualitative study of how youth and NGOs perceive youth volunteerism, and success stories of volunteer-engagement in NGOs.

WALKING WITH PRAVAH, is a collection of 12 case stories of young people who have journeyed with us any time in the last 15 years.

YOUNG INFLUENCERS, a newsletter promoting youth citizenship action, motivated by the inspirational firsthand accounts of people who experienced significant transformation of their lives.

FLOWING TOGETHER AT PRAVAH, an appreciative enquiry on the process of our organizational methods and the outcomes of our work.

MAKING YOUTHWORK VISIBLE, an impact assessment of youth active citizenship interventions in India, in partnership with Innovations in Civic Participation

NURTURING YOUTH ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP IN INDIA, a report on the stakeholder consultation carried out in partnership with Innovations in Civic Participation

WORLD IS MY CLASSROOM, a newsletter for citizenship education



Pravah has been a part of and created many publications over the years focussing on amplifying youth voices and highlighting the need to develop a youth centric approach across developmental fields.

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Play it Forward, is a learning resource esspecially crafted in partnership with RGNYID, to enable youth workers across all sectors to create a greater understanding around Sustainable Development Goals amongst young people.

A manual for teachers, educators and facilitators; Walk with Me, seeks to support young people to understand their roles in the society, resolve conflicts positively and act for social change

Curious Me, is a manual to support educators, to play the critical role of facilitating your students to develop Scientific Temperament, which will equip them with the skills required to become active citizens who improve society through resolving conflicts positively.

Co-Creating Youth Spaces – A Field Based Facilitator Guide for Youth workers- this guidebook supports the transformation of youth work cultures in youth club contexts. It has been designed and developed by Pravah in partnership with The Commonwealth Youth Program and NYKS

Prayasapna, is a manual for youth peer educators, designed to re-strategize, re-energize and strengthen NYKS run ‘Teen Clubs’ across the country; to ensure a healthy and safe growing up process for adolescents primarily from out-of-school settings, in partnership with UNFPA and NYKS

Ocean in a Drop, is a manual for youth facilitators, professionals, HR and organization heads working with youth; to learn deep self-awareness, systems thinking, instruction design a facilitation.

Big Ticket,is a manual for youth workers and professionals to learn Instructional design and facilitation while developing programmes for young people.

To address the issue of caste-based discrimination, Pravah designed and implemented the ‘Caste in Stone’ curriculum ( 2012-2016); a journey for college youth to build more inclusive identities, by understanding deep seated discrimination institutionalised over the years and oppurtunities to take action on the same through rural internships, exposures and action projects.

Pravah in partnership with UNESCO MGIEP and CYC designed and implemented; the YESPeace India SMILE curriculum, to enable young people, to become effective educators for peace, sustainable development and global Citizenship.

Safe Cities-Safe Schools,a programme on challenging gender realities and enhancing safety through a leadership journey for adolescents. The curriculum content included sessions on stereotyped gendered roles, power dynamics, violence -such that facilitators could enable adolescents to re-imagine what a safe school would be.

Abilities Beyond Skills- The goal of the ABS programme is to equip Employees/ Potential Employees with values, attitudes, behaviors and decision-making capacities to align themselves with the employer expectations and organizational goals, and help build decision-making capacities in young people such that they can get and sustain meaningful employment and also appreciate and respect diversity. ABS has been modified for different stakeholders like students of ITI Nandnagri, 2 wheeler road-side mechanics and trainers with Castrol India and Empower Pragati ( Eklavya) , for students of Yuvakendra run by HCL Foundation , and trainers at IL & FS; recuits of DR Reddy Labs and for HSBC Swadesh ; to name a few.

Life Capacities for Sustainable Employability (LCSE), was a curriculum designed for students sudying Bachelors of Vocational Studies at Ambedkar University, to equip students with life capacities critical for navigating sustainable employment opportunities.

Entrepreneurship Development Program, supported by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship in partnership with NIESBUD/ National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development – As part of the PM Yuva Yojana, we’ve designed an entrepreneurship curriculum for 17 government Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) in Delhi to promote self-employment among ITI students,by training the local ITI teachers.

Employability and Entrepreneurship curriculum,was designed and development for NIOS higher secondary course for senior secondary students wanting a degree from open school while enrolled in ITI

The World is My Classroom, a manual geared to enhance our teachers training program; a workbook to support teachers, used extensively in our training workshops. The publication was supported by Sir Ratan Tata Trust.

From Me to We,a learning guide for social responsibility programs with in school adolescents. This was also adapted to align with CBSE’s curriculum on- Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) to address life skills and work education.

Manual for Youth workers facilitating Peace building with youth, for Aponprakash ( Bangladesh) for young people in the conflict zone of Bangladesh

A Life Capacities manual, for youth workers working with adolescents girls in NEG Fire’s Hausla programme.

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